Student work

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JRN 418’s work for WKAR Current Sports

Fall 2018:


Fall 2016:


Spring 2016:


Fall 2015:

Spring 2015:

Work from Journalism 418/WKAR Current Sports Newsroom:

– Feature on going to Cuba and seeing baseball in a new way by Lia Kamana (6/12)

– Feature on MSU wrestling coach Gary Minkel and his love of macaws by Matt Argillander (6/12)

– Feature on MSU’s softball coaches getting married by Ben Stram (4/22)

– Feature on MSU’s international swimmers by Lia Kamana (4/2)

Video piece on Lansing prep sports star Breanna Mobley by Darien Harris, editing by Ben Stram (3/31)

– MSU softball preview by Ben Stram (3/21)

– Feature on Tennis coach Gene Orlando by Spencer Impellizzeri (3/23)

– East Lansing Zoe Morris feature, by Madeline Carrino (3/10)

– Michigan State Tennis beat, by Spencer Impellizzeri (2/5)

– Kelsey Kuipers feature, by Madeline Carrino (2/6)


– Check out this fantastic documentary piece by MSU students Brooks Laimbeer (producer/narrator), Scott Wasserman (director/camerawork/editing), and Alex Sharg and Adam Zimmer (production assistance) on MSU soccer player Josh Barens.

Fall 2014:

From Professor Dickerson’s Sports Journalism class (417):

Group members Madeline Carino, Darrien Harris, Lia Kamana, Brian Bobal, and Dominique Oden tested fellow Michigan State students on their sports knowledge. They developed the questions, did the interviewing, and shot/edited the video.
And yes, it is tricky to know how many schools are in the Big Ten these days (logical answer is not 10 anymore!)

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