So much good news!

Things are hopping around MSU sports journalism, so we will cut to the chase with everything:

  • Read the latest stories from JRN 418 for WKAR Current Sports!
  • Sports Journalism Study Abroad 2018! We will be doing the amazing journey to Paris and Rome again in the summer of 2018. Re-live the magical SA from 2016 here! If you are interested, contact Prof. Gerstner or Dickerson for more information. We are not taking sign-ups yet…but it’s good to plan and get things on your calendar!🙂
  • Read about Sports JRN helping Fox Sports with their BTN tailgate, and the great student experience.
  • Prof. Joanne Gerstner’s new book on concussions and youth sports is out! Back in the Game is for youth sports parents, coaches and athletes. Here’s her recent appearance on TV in Detroit. (and bonus…Prof. Gerstner’s publicist is…2016 JRN graduate Hanna Sprague! Hanna works for PRO Sports Communications in LA, and she is helping promote the book. Small cool world!)
  • Internships, jobs, scholarships, fellowships? Are you staying on top of everything? Check our boards on this website, and also the closed MSU JRN Facebook group (Ask Prof. Haimerl to get in) that have so so many opportunities!

MSU Sports JRN works with BTN Tailgate


MSU sports JRN students

By Kacy Kobakof/MSU JRN Senior

Before Saturday’s Wisconsin-Michigan State game, I was one of 10 MSU journalism students selected to partner with the Big Ten Network. We assisted in their execution of airing their new , 90-minute live football pre-game television show, BTN Tailgate, from Munn Field. BTN asked MSU Sports Journalism for students to help with its day at MSU, and we were excited to be part of the very first Tailgate show in the network’s history.

Our task was simple: raising awareness about the show and bringing people to the event. In groups of two or three, we spread out all over MSU’s campus to share information about the show, and gather an audience to come watch it. There was a lot of interest from fellow students and younger football fans to get to the Munn Field site, so that they could score a front row spot to be shown on live TV and participate in tailgate games.


AWSM @ MSU crew

This opportunity allowed us to be involved, and see the process of airing a live show. We witnessed how an event comes to life, because we were on set two hours prior to show time. There were a lot of moving parts; setting up the surrounding area, making sure everything was in its correct place, and of course, confirming that the set looked aesthetically pleasing for the cameras.

Once we finished our rounds of campus, we came back to BTN’s compound. We participated in the activities, and piled into the crowd to watch the show. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing the huge crowd, and knowing we had an impact on the event coming together.

Happy BTN Tailgate!

Internships = a big deal


Sports JRN student Sam Metry is interning at ESPN this fall. 

So let’s have a little chat about internships.

You know you have to do one to graduate as a JRN major. But there’s a lot more art to the game than just getting one and checking it off the graduation to-do list.

At best, the right internship can set you up for a job when you graduate, give you connections and skills that make your resume matter, and put your sports journalism career at motion.

At worst, it can do nothing for you, other than to tell MSU that you did it.

Some of the most attractive JRN candidates – aka the ones getting multiple job offers – have done 2, even 3 internships.

So how do you land an awesome internship?

A few tips:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to do one. Your options will be very limited if you wait to the last second of your last semester. Deadlines for the best internships for Summer 2017 are already rolling in the fall. If you wait until January…the good stuff may be gone.
  2. Think. Where do you want to work in the future, what kind of career do you envision? Planning out where you want to intern can be the door that opens to a company. Look at the internships board on this site! Be part of the closed Facebook internship group (ask Professor Haimerl for admission).
  3. Now think big. MSU Sports JRN students are interning at ESPN, U.S. Olympic Committee, PRO Sports Communications, SEC Network, BTN. If you want to intern at the New York Times, ESPN, Major League Baseball (as examples), there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. Don’t limit your options because of geography or the “bigness” of the organizations. Apply. Get in the game.
  4. Get organized. Is your resume on point? Are you picking the right clips/demo reel/podcast to best show your work? How’s your cover letter? How’s your interview game. We can help with all of it. Contact Prof. Amy Haimerl (
  5. Be brave. Networking, having the courage to reach out and ask for help, and plain determination goes a long way. You can do it!


IMG_4138It is the start of another school year, and we’re always excited to welcome back our upperclass students, and welcome our new students to MSU Sports JRN! We wish all of you the best this year, and hope you will get involved to make the most of your MSU experience.

Here are some things to check out!

For sports JRN jobs, freelance, internships: look on this site, and join MSU JRN and MSU Sports JRN on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter: @MichStSportsJRN

Make sure your resume/cover letter and clips are on point. See Prof. Amy Haimerl ( for an Internship consultation.

Join things!

  • The State News
  • The Association for Women in Sports Media @ MSU

Have a good year – and go Green! go White!

Congrats AWSM@Michigan State!

13668821_10153829029533100_2014702253223158294_oMSU Sports Journalism congratulates the Association for Women in Sports Media chapter at Michigan State for a huge accomplishment – winning the first Chapter of the Year award for MSU!

The AWSM@MSU chapter, led by senior Hanna Sprague, was honored at the 2016 AWSM convention in Miami at the end of July. Nine student members, along with chapter faculty advisors Lori Anne Dickerson and Joanne Gerstner were in Miami to pick up the award.

The MSU group learned a lot from the convention experience, and want to thank MSU JRN alumna Karen Wall Bush for being their amazing professional mentor, and to MSU JRN alumni Rick Gosselin for his generous donation to help send so many students to the convention.

Go Green! Go White! GO MSU SPORTS JRN!


Our Study Abroad is in the news!

The first MSU Sports Journalism is making some news in Rome, as the 22 students made a strong positive impression on veteran journalist John Henderson.

He wrote this in his blog, after meeting with MSU students to discuss his career at the Denver Post:

“I’ve spoken to journalism classes at numerous colleges. I can usually tell the quality of students by the quality of questions. Michigan State’s students get it. They asked how Italy has changed me. They asked what was the most memorable sports event I ever covered in the U.S. They asked what I thought of the direction of writing in American journalism.”