MSU Sports JRN works with BTN Tailgate

MSU sports JRN students

By Kacy Kobakof/MSU JRN Senior

Before Saturday’s Wisconsin-Michigan State game, I was one of 10 MSU journalism students selected to partner with the Big Ten Network. We assisted in their execution of airing their new , 90-minute live football pre-game television show, BTN Tailgate, from Munn Field. BTN asked MSU Sports Journalism for students to help with its day at MSU, and we were excited to be part of the very first Tailgate show in the network’s history.

Our task was simple: raising awareness about the show and bringing people to the event. In groups of two or three, we spread out all over MSU’s campus to share information about the show, and gather an audience to come watch it. There was a lot of interest from fellow students and younger football fans to get to the Munn Field site, so that they could score a front row spot to be shown on live TV and participate in tailgate games.

AWSM @ MSU crew

This opportunity allowed us to be involved, and see the process of airing a live show. We witnessed how an event comes to life, because we were on set two hours prior to show time. There were a lot of moving parts; setting up the surrounding area, making sure everything was in its correct place, and of course, confirming that the set looked aesthetically pleasing for the cameras.

Once we finished our rounds of campus, we came back to BTN’s compound. We participated in the activities, and piled into the crowd to watch the show. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing the huge crowd, and knowing we had an impact on the event coming together.

Happy BTN Tailgate!

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