So much good news!

Things are hopping around MSU sports journalism, so we will cut to the chase with everything:

  • Read the latest stories from JRN 418 for WKAR Current Sports!
  • Sports Journalism Study Abroad 2018! We will be doing the amazing journey to Paris and Rome again in the summer of 2018. Re-live the magical SA from 2016 here! If you are interested, contact Prof. Gerstner or Dickerson for more information. We are not taking sign-ups yet…but it’s good to plan and get things on your calendar! 🙂
  • Read about Sports JRN helping Fox Sports with their BTN tailgate, and the great student experience.
  • Prof. Joanne Gerstner’s new book on concussions and youth sports is out! Back in the Game is for youth sports parents, coaches and athletes. Here’s her recent appearance on TV in Detroit. (and bonus…Prof. Gerstner’s publicist is…2016 JRN graduate Hanna Sprague! Hanna works for PRO Sports Communications in LA, and she is helping promote the book. Small cool world!)
  • Internships, jobs, scholarships, fellowships? Are you staying on top of everything? Check our boards on this website, and also the closed MSU JRN Facebook group (Ask Prof. Haimerl to get in) that have so so many opportunities!

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