The checklist for starting 2017 right!

The start of a new year is always a good place to check on your career. It doesn’t matter where you are in the cycle: in school, graduating soon, in your career, or looking to move up….you can always up your game.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Define yourself. What makes you good at what you do (or want to do)? Write down your skill sets.
  2. Be honest. What can you improve upon, and what are things you simply do not want to do/are not that good at. Also write those down.
  3. Look at what you have. Is it an honest list? If not, keep going until you create the true picture of you.
  4. Narrow things down. What’s really important on the plus and minus sides? What will get you hired/promoted…and what could keep you from your dream gig?
  5. Think of a job interview. Do you have examples and stories to back up your skill list? Remember, don’t tell me, show me. If you can’t think of examples quickly, work on it. Develop your story. Report on yourself.
  6. Tell your story. Look at your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, Social media, blogs, websites…do they tell your story well? Are they old? Or just OK. Or are they really not OK. Get on it – make them perfect. Again, look at your handy list…are you telling the world your story, what makes you strong at what you do? Or are you showcasing the right things in the wrong way?
  7. Network. Try to add three new professional contacts a month. Get two more mentors on your team. If you are shy, use Twitter or LinkedIn to reach out to people that inspire you from a safe distance.

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