The next frontier: 360 journalism

Our JRN 418 class is working with new technology this semester, brining 360 cameras into coverage to enrich storytelling. The use of 360 cameras in journalism is part of the sweeping Immersive Journalism trend, and MSU is in the thick of it with our classes and Immersive faculty.

The idea is to bring the reader/audience inside something, letting them control the experience of what they see. The journalist serves as the guide, helping deliver context to all parts of the video or photo.

This semester’s JRN 418 capstone Sports Journalism class is using 360 to create editorial/creative concepts for FOX Sports Detroit and content for WKAR Current Sports.

Zach Manning’s story on new Okemos high school girls basketball coach Kristen Rasmussen is our first use of the technology for WKAR Current Sports. (click through to the bottom of the story to check out the photo). The concept was to let you experience what an Okemos basketball game is from the stands.

There will be more content and projects, using Viar360 and Nikon cameras to come. Stay tuned.

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