Did you follow us?

The second edition of our Sports Journalism Education Abroad is in the books! We had 15 students, plus Profs. Joanne Gerstner and Amy Haimerl, spend 4 weeks in Paris and Rome.

IMG_3478.jpgWe met media leaders, toured the sights of both cities, ventured out to Normandy and Castel Gandolfo, and ate more cannoli, croissants, pizzas, crepes, gelato, pain du chocolate and pasta than should be legal.

Did you follow our trip on our website? If not, go there now.

A BIG THANK YOU TO: The editors of L’Equipe, the broadcast team at Eurosport, Jim Bittermann of CNN, MSU JRN alumna/medical writer Patricia Anstett Kiska, Jason Horowitz of the NY Times, former ESPN journalist Jane McManus, former Denver Post journalist John Henderson, Vatican Radio/Social Media chief Sean-Patrick Lovett, the Italian Olympic Committee, and the kind people at Haras du Pin, Castel Gandolfo, Saroli Tennis and Beach Club for making time for us and sharing your passion/expertise.

Also a big thank you to Adrien Fropos in Paris and Francesco Gagliardi of ACCENT.

We did it up! Until 2020…Merci and Grazie!

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