Are you preparing for the future?

Sounds like a serious question, especially in the heat of the summer!

But we’re not joking. What are YOU doing to prepare yourself for the future? It’s a question you should be asking yourself as an incoming freshman, a sophomore/junior getting into the seriousness of work, or as a senior looking toward graduation…or any time during your sports media career.

What are you doing? Are you always looking for opportunities? Are you always looking to get better, improve or learn a new skill?

If you don’t know how to answer these questions – it’s OK.

Why? Because it’s about the thinking process. If you don’t know, start thinking about what you want – and what you are willing to do to get there.

Multiple internships, as much on campus experience as you can get, a strong skill set, and a willingness to learn new thing will set you up for a great future outside of MSU. You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to be so competitive that you do not form good relationships or networks.

It’s about life. Getting better, being better.

We have our internship boards, our job boards, our Alumni networks, our professors…and yes – each other!

We got this.

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