Big new stuff coming this fall!

We have some big news – FANFARE – MSU Journalism now has an official Sports Journalism Minor! That’s right, you can now minor in Sports Journalism, an officially fantastic thing that has been in the works for two years!

The minor takes effect for the Fall 2018 semester, and those who successfully complete the requirements will have it listed on their official transcript.

We are excited to offer the minor, as well as a concentration option (12 credits) for students who want to go into Sports Media. MSU Sports JRN has been growing like crazy the past 4 years, and this big step takes us to the next level for all undergraduate students.

At this time, we do not offer Master’s or Doctoral-level classes in sports journalism, but that may be coming in the future.

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The details go like this:

  • You must be a Journalism major in order to do the Sports JRN minor. Other majors are not accepted at this time.
  • We are adding new classes, so stay tuned for more options to deepen your skills!
  • If you are interested, PLEASE CONTACT Journalism Academic Advisor Julie Hagopian for an advising appointment.
  • The minor is 15 credits, with classes coming from here:


    JRN 218 Sports in Contemporary Media (3 credits)

    JRN 317 Sports Journalism (3 credits)

    JRN 416 Sports Multimedia Content Management (3 credits)

    JRN 418 Advanced Sports Reporting (3 credits)

    Choose one of the following courses (3 or 6 credits): 

    JRN 303 On-Air Announcing, Interviewing & Hosting (3 credits)

    JRN 432 Magazine, Feature & Freelance Writing (3 credits)

    JRN 492 Journalism Special Topics (3 credits)


    JRN Education Abroad (6 credits)

    next time potentially offered: 2020

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