Doing the real world…

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Are you feeling in the swing of things again? We’re more than a month into classes, and it feels like everybody is in a good groove.

Some great stuff to let the world know about!

  • Our new content provider relationship with MSU Athletics and JRN418 just produced its first stories! We are doing features on some of the less-covered sports, which is a great opportunity for storytelling. Click to check out our first stories – many more to come:
  • We will be taking 8 Sports JRN students to cover the Pistons-Cavaliers game at the Breslin Center on Oct. 12. It will be a wonderful experience to cover a pro event, and MEET the MSU alumni who are working in the media and for the teams. Stay tuned for the post-event report!
  • Our new Sports JRN minor is a hit! We have more than 30 students enrolled – in the first month it was available. We are so excited we can have a great program like this for our sports JRN students. If you want more info, contact Profs. Gerstner or Dickerson.

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