Time to think about 2019-20!

(No, really!) We’re not trying to speed up time, but it is time to register for classes for next school year.

So we wanted to drop a little thought on you: the Sports Journalism Education Abroad class to Paris and Rome is a GO for Summer 2020.

Ready for some Olympics?

Which means, if you are an MSU student, we want you to plan ahead!

Here are some particulars to help you plan!

Class is…6 credits, counting toward JRN, and and other ComArtSci major.

Can be sophomore-senior to take class; preference given to sports journalism minors.

We spend 2 weeks in Paris, then 2 weeks in Rome. We tour sports media outlets, teams, organizations (like Olympic committees!). We see the sights and learn about the culture of Paris and Rome. We meet Olympians. We talk sports and journalism with professionals from the NY Times, CNN, L’Equipe, EuroSport, and the Vatican Media office.

You live in private apartments, in the city, with other MSU students. You go to class in two of the world’s greatest cities. Croissants. Gelato. Yum!

If you are interested, or have questions, email Prof Gerstner at joanneg@msu.edu

Paris! In the sunset!

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