Oh hey, it’s August…time to plan ahead for the FUTURE

Yeah, we know. Summer went fast. Hopefully you filled it with some fun, some work, some networking, and some making you the best you can be.

Putting some mental Sports JRN post-its up so you can plan ahead;

  • YES – there will be a Sports JRN Education Abroad class to Paris and Rome in summer 2020. We will likely start on Memorial Day and run through the end of June. More details to come. The class is open to any CAS major – sports jrn students get first preference – and we will consider other majors. It is worth six credits. If you want more info now, contact Prof. Gerstner.
  • GET THOSE CLASSES NOW! Sign up for Sports JRN 317, 416, 418 for the Fall over the Spring semesters…why? Spring fills up fast, and Fall ones get you ahead of the game. Talk to JRN advisor Julie Hagopian and get your path settled.
  • SIGN UP FOR EXPERIENCE! The State News, Impact Sports, Spartan Vision, Big Ten U, and the Spartan Sports Report are all looking for students for many roles. Some gigs, like the State News, come with pay. Experience is the name of the game – go get some now, and make yourself into the MSU graduate everybody wants to hire.
  • SIGN UP FOR NETWORKING! Amazing student groups such as Association for Women in Sports Media, NABJ, SND all can help you build a great network and get you scholarships/internships/jobs. Be proactive and social – it makes a difference.

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