Yes, yes, yes! Classes may be online, and a lot of us are all around Michigan and the country…but MSU Sports JRN is back in effect for 2020-21 school year.

What YOU can do to get involved:

  • Network: talk to Profs. Gerstner and Dickerson about tapping into MSU Sports JRN’s huge network of amazing alumni. Want to work at ESPN? Want to do media relations for the Tigers? Want to be a reporter for the Washington Post? We have MSU alums everywhere, and they want to help you. So let us know about what/who you want to connect to.
  • Get involved: The MSU JRN student groups, such as NABJ, SND and AWSM, are having virtual meetings and working hard to create opportunity for their members. Find your group today!
  • If you are close to campus, The State News, Impact Sports are still very much up and running. Go get involved, get experience and make an impact.
  • It’s internship season! Look at our internship area on the site or the FB page run by Prof. Haimerl.

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