The future is…NOW!

So the long winter is finally over.

But we’re all still struggling with COVID and all of the ripples from the pandemic in our academic and personal lives. First – it’s OK to not be OK. We are all more than a year into the abnormal, so if you don’t feel totally confident….welcome to the world.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward. Are you applying for jobs? Are you networking in groups like NABJ, SND or AWSM? Are you working on your craft on your own, by having a blog, podcast, doing your own videos? Are you ready for your internship?

And if you are just getting ready to start the process of interning…are you ready to go and work? Bring your best self, work hard, and good things will happen.

Remember that we are here for you – contact Profs. LA Dickerson, Joanne C. Gerstner or anybody else on MSU JRN faculty. We can connect you with what you need. The key is…just ask.


Happy spring, y’all.

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