Let’s go to WORK!

Welcome back Spartans!

A big wave to the lovely group of freshmen and transfer students who want to be part of Sports Journalism. We are thrilled to see you.

Our best advice for this year: make it the one where you go for it. Apply for the internships. Get involved with the State News, Spartan Sports Report, Impact Radio, WKAR Current Sports, SpartanVision, MSU Athletic Communications, the Association for Women in Sports Media.

Find the balance between school, your work, and life. Don’t wear yourself out. Commit to being present and on when you need to be, and then take time for yourself.

Professors LA Dickerson, Matt McCullough, and Joanne C. Gerstner are here for you! Swing by to say hi.

We know you’ve got this. Because Spartans will…and do.

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