MSU sports media classes

Sports Journalism Spartans Will!

Our array of sports multimedia classes is growing by the semester, and we are trying to make MSU’s program the best out there. Please feel free to suggest classes YOU would like to see to Professors Hale, Carter, Dickerson or Gerstner!

MSU’s School of Journalism will begin offering a Sports Journalism minor, starting in the 2018-19 academic year. Currently, we offer a special concentration in sports journalism, meaning you would major in Journalism with the concentration.

Your  diploma will state a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in sports journalism. It would also be listed on your transcript.

We do not offer an undergraduate major or M.A. in sports journalism specifically, but our array of classes cultivate the skills, learning outcomes and opportunities to build a successful career in many forms of sports media.

Some of MSU’s sports journalism classes (for 2017-18):
JRN 218 (Fall): An introduction to the relationship between sports and media. The course examines sports information and images dating from early Egypt and Greek competitions to present-day sports reporting. Specific class topics include:  the coverage of modern Olympics; sport in films, Title IX, race relations and sports; sport advertising and marketing. (Professor Carter)
JRN 405 (Fall and Spring): (Online section)  Sports editors are jack-of-all trades journalists who edit articles for grammar and style, fact check, write headlines and cutlines, re-write copy, design pages, select photos and make ethical decisions. In sports, we do a lot of our work minutes after a game ends. We will apply these concepts to this deadline-driven class that prepares you for the ever-changing print and digital sports journalism world. (Prof. Visconti)
JRN 417 (Fall and Spring): Learn the craft of sports journalism, from print to online to social media to broadcast. Knowing how to develop sources, understand different forms of stories, how to write, report and analyze sports. (Professors Dickerson)
JRN 418 (Fall and Spring): Time to build your professional portfolio! Work with WKAR Current Sports TV and radio to produce pieces on MSU and local sports teams, hone your skills in radio and TV production. Learn the art of pitching stories, working closely with an editor, and also about advanced topics in sports.  Spring version of class also works with FOX Sports U. (Professor Gerstner)
JRN 492 – (Fall and Spring): Learn how to create some of the most buzzed about elements in sports media – using motion capture technology to create characters, plays. environments. Open to all majors, and you don’t need tech experience. Learn how to be at the cutting edge of sports media. (Prof. Fox)
JRN 492 (Spring – Professor Carter’s section): An advanced inquiry into the topics covered in JRN 218, with a strong emphasis on writings as well.
Summer 2018: Sports Study Abroad…Paris and Rome: for more information, contact Prof. Gerstner at
And more classes to come! Stay tuned
Students can also do independent sports media study projects with all professors.

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